From Posturology to Posturoception®

by Dr Mesquida Serge

From posturology to Posturoception

About posture, when going from a complicated system paradigm to a complex process paradigm, one goes at the same time from the postural system notion to the postural process, and therefore for therapeutic application from the posturology to the Posturoception®.

The Posturoception® is the treatment of the postural process that is characterized by its complexity, its rising and its intentionality. The postural process rises from the interdependency between the different external sensors for position, load, limit and consistency that are the eye, the masticatory system, the epidermis and the body schema.

The Posturoception®, a new therapeutic vision of our postural control, relies upon the osteopathy practicing, experimenting with double blind studies, and on the clinical practicing over the thousand patient cases analysed. The Posturoception® allows to elaborate a consistent and practical view for the analysis and correction of postural process disorders.

In addition it is supported by embryology that shows the common ectodermic origin of the different sensors, by the baby evolution scheme that shows that the foot is only the end item of our development towards a standing position, and by the atom physics that open new understanding perspectives of our perception way that was never considered up to now in this domain.

This book wants to be an initiation to the fundamental understanding of the Posturoception®,  this new therapeutic approach, with a theoretical and practical  description of each sensor and the sensor interdepencies which support the postural process.

The book is intended for osteopathic practitioners, whether physicians, physiotherapists or from osteopathic schools, that are used to motion functional pathologies and to analyse the motion disorders.

It is also intended for dentists and specialists that act upon the occlusal system, to enlarge their practice view. It is recommended for orthoptists and opthalmologists that are key contributors in the control of the Posturoception® treatment. It is finally recommended to physicians and particularly to general practitioners that will find there a material to consider about one of the main patient visit cause, i.e. the pain, and a key therapeutic role that they can play to monitor the postural process.

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