The eye, a posture sensor90% of our perception of the world goes through our eyes, if we have a good vision.

To correctly perceive an object, a situation with his eyes, it is necessary at any time to realize the correct distances, to properly locate us in the environment, or we will not achieve what we undertake, or even we might get injured.

If the eyes are not performing to see or fit the images, the posture is sacrificed in order to keep a clear picture and a proper calculation of distances. Then the body gets twisted without any notice to maintain a proper vision. One only rarely perceives that it is twisted ; in fact chronic pains are felt without suspecting that the view defect is the cause, as it is natural to live as we are.

Chronic pains that increase at the end of the day, while sitting in the car or in front of the computer or the TV set, the awkwardness and instability, all arise from our body being necessary twisted to maintain a coherent view of the environment.

The eye is therefore the external sensor for the body position.