The Posturoception ®

Posturoception to correct postureThe Posturoception® is a method of analysis and  treatment of the postural process. This treatment is not provided  by  orthopedic correction. It is based on an autonomous recalibration of our perception of the environment. Then it deals with the treatment of our postural process for about ten months, with correcting eyes, teeth, skin and the body schema.

After this correction, in most cases, the body permanently returns to a structured postural process that will naturally stay without further treatment.

The Posturoception® is intended for anyone who suffers from functional pain. It needs to be prescribed and monitored by a health professional : doctor, osteopath or dentist. The treatment, except in special cases, lasts about ten months. It makes us stable over time. It is your doctor, osteopath, your dentist that will be able to tell you if your state is relevant to a Posturoception® treatment and then to follow its progress.