Posturoception and Balance

Favorable unbalance rather than permanent balanceTo be well balanced is to have a good perception, favorable of oneself in space and time. When this perception becomes negative, we speak of unstable balance and then of unbalance when the perception of a disturbance dominates.

Often perceived as a state of stability, balance should rather be defined as a favorable unbalance. The notion of unbalance better reflects the life that to exist, needs to change at any time. To ride on his bicycle, the child must advance (space) each time (time), it is continuously favorably unbalanced. Parents know this: if the child tries to stop, he falls down.

Time and space are changing at every moment. The postural process permanently holds us well, to sleep on a chair, not to fall out of the bed, to stand on a ladder, not to stumble when walking.

The Posturoception® aims to put our body at every moment in a favorable situation. The treatment assumes that we are in a constant unbalance and not in a state of static posture in the environment.