Permanent contractures may origin from a skin lesion

The skin is our limit and contains our whole body.  If one saves his skin, he is completely safe. But the skin differentiates us from others and the outside world. This is the envelope of the other which appears when we look at them. It is the feeling of external objects on our skin and the vision of our envelope that give us the feeling of being ourselves. The skin is therefore the limit that makes us feel the difference between our body and the surrounding environment.

If the skin is affected by a lesion of the epidermis, for example with a scar, the boundary with the outside is corrupted. The postural process is then lead to overspeed to maintain consistency, causing permanent contractures in areas around the scar. As a matter of fact, a scar that occurred in childhood can lead to a blockage of the spine forever, without any possibility to return to a normal state, as long as the scar is not properly treated so as to restore a normal limit.

The epidermis is the external sensor of the limit.