Successful aging in good physical condition

Successful aging in good physical conditionSuccessful aging in good physical condition is today a major concern. It means to stay active, to keep the autonomy, not to be dependent.

To have physical activities is essential to maintain his fitness. Having a postural process well structured is the basis for a good activity. If the eyes do not see well, it is difficult to locate oneself in space. If the teeth are defective, it is difficult to hold his own weight and to lift an external weight. If the body schema is such that it keep us twisted all along our life, then it is difficult to stand properly to perform an activity. If the skin bears the traces of old scars following operations or vaccines, then there is a good chance that some blocking appears along the spine.

When all these imbalances are present, it is difficult to work well, and the weight of age is harder to bear. Having a good structure of the postural process helps to fully maintain the capabilities.