To have a correct perception will make our life easy

A correct perception for well beingTo have a correct perception will make our life easy. «I did not see the step, I did not see you leaving the parking lot, I did not see it happen, I did not see it coming, I am lost,  I am all over the place»   are situations or expressions that show a gap between oneself and the experience that one lives at a given instant.

Everyone wants to live well and long with a healthy body, painless. While many factors interact to help us live well, a good perception of the environment is the cornerstone of a good balance and a smooth functioning of our joints, muscles and tendons.

To see well, too well perceive one’s limits, one’s weight, to stay in line with the environment, all ensures an optimum performance and minimizes risks of accidents, injuries, blockages that prevent us from living our lives well at any age.