Chronic fatigue may origin from a dental defaultTeeth, and more broadly the masticatory system, enable to cope with our own mass or stress we face at every moment. We clench the teeth to lift weight, to cope with problems and to hold our own body.

We gently clench the teeth when we want to lift something very fragile, and very strongly when we want to reach an athletic performance.

If a dental defect appears such as missing teeth, a dental infection or a misalignment of teeth, then the masticatory system is no longer able to adjust the load properly.

In case of dental fault, pain often occurs in connection with the efforts or wakes up at the end of the night. It may occur or may be difficult to heal injuries such as sprains and repetitive tendinitis. With a dental default, we perpetually live with low energy levels, with a chronic fatigue, while we go about our daily lives.

This is why dental sensor can be defined as the external sensor for load.