From well-being to chronic pain

Functional chronic pain

From well-being to chronic pain, there is only a tiny twist of nothing but it is constantly there, day and night, when exerting an effort or at rest. This tiny twist puts our spine or some of our joints under a permanent stress. Then an inflammation and a chronic pain appear.

When the environment is badly perceived, it leads to a wrong body position. Our body is permanently twisted, our muscles and joints tire, wear out, get inflamed. We are not aware of this problem, this is why most of the time we think of stress, physical or psychic exhaustion, age, or weight. There is always a good reason, an external cause which explains that it hurts all the time.

But after a second thought, most people with chronic pain have lives that look like millions of other people that do not suffer. The question to ask then, is whether the person who suffers from chronic pain is not himself the root of the permanent constraint.

A disorder of the postural process causes permanent constraints. This can be the cause of a permanent twisting of our body and can be one of the causes of a chronic pain.