Discover Posturoception®


Welcome to the website for Posturoception® , that will keep you informed of the latest progress for treatment of the postural process.

The Posturoception®, new therapeutic vision of our postural regulation, relies upon osteopathic practice, experimentation with double blind protocol studies and clinical practice with thousands of treated patients. It enables to build a consistent and practical analysis and correction of the postural process disorders.

The Posturoception® is intended for anyone who suffers from functional pain. It needs to be prescribed and monitored by a health professional : doctor, osteopath or dentist. The treatment is not provided  by  orthopedic correction. It is based on an autonomous recalibration of our perception of the environment. Then it deals with the treatment of our posture for about ten months, with correcting eyes, teeth, skin and the body schema.



From Posturology to PosturoceptionTo know more, the book from Dr Mesquida Serge “From POSTUROLOGY to POSTUROCEPTION®” (available only in French).