Postural Process definition

Posture definitionPosture evokes a certain fixity, rigidity, which does not correspond at all to our nature. We are beings in perpetual motion that have to keep permanently a correct position. Therefore to use a term such as “postural process” is more appropriate to talk about the posture that is like us, that of movement.

The Postural Process is the function originating from our perception organs that enables us to keep a correct position in every moment. At times, we realize that we have to hold a particular position to adapt to a situation. But most of the time we are not conscious of it, while this does not prevent us, at every moment, to have a well structured postural process for any of our movements.

Sometimes pain occurs if we make a wrong move, if we stay in the same position for a long time. Sometimes we seem to be constantly leaning frontwards or backwards, arched, or twisted : many situations where our postural process is badly structured. Our global approach to stand is not good, even if we cannot correct it.

Having a well structured postural process is the way to keep a correct position in all situations without thinking.