Posturoception ®

EquilibriumWhile walking normally is not difficult for most of us, it may be a difficulty for some of us : it may occur to often twist one’s foot, to have repeated sprains, to bump many times, to let items drop from one’s hand.

While being sitting is not particularly difficult or does not require particular physical skills, many people complain when they are sitting at work. Many people cannot get out of their car after a long journey, are awakened at night or cannot stay in bed in the morning because of pains.

All those who cannot sit still during a movie while living a moment of relaxation will recognize themselves in these lines. Why a lumbago when picking up a pencil on the floor? Does this require training to “reinforce the muscles” of the back ?

A few ideas come first to mind to justify the pain: I am not strong enough, I have too much weight, I am too old, I have osteoarthritis, I am stressed … One is always looking for a physical defect that could explain the pain. When in reality most of the time, it is due to a lack of perception of the world around us : our postural process is badly structured.

When our body is badly positioned on a regular basis, our joints and muscles are experiencing permanent constraints whether we are standing, sitting, lying down, resting or moving. The Posturoception® goal is to analyze this situation and to structure the activity of the postural process.